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Hyrule Warriors is out in my area! Hooray! To celebrate I’m calling it the start of Zelda Week, where I get to update this picture everyday with a new character or two!~ I’m very excited to see how great this game is- here’s to having fun and remembering all the good memories Zelda has given me, and a thank you to all the wonderful people that support me on this site! Thank you so much! “

*Update: Impa*
*Update: Sheik*
*Update Daruina*

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Naomi Skye

I love this game

Favorite pokemon part of all time

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Ryuko & Mako - Episode 2

Love this best friend combo

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Reaper Chop!

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Maka & Soul vs. Jack the Ripper

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Kakashi Vs. Obito

Former best friends



The literally hot princess. Oh Azula

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The expressions afterwards

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